Concessions Menu

The Eccles Theater is a premier performance venue in Salt Lake City, and we want to make sure that the food matches the rest of the experience. We offer a variety of snacks, beer, soft drinks, and water for purchase before and during performances at multiple locations throughout theater. With premium selections ranging from sandwiches and wraps to cookies and candy, you are sure to taste the theater like never before.

We are proud to partner with local companies to provide some of our premium concessions offerings!


Main Concessions Menu

Menu items are subject to change. All products may not be available at every concessions area within the theater, and availability is subject to demand at any given performance. Beer purchased in the theater for performances must be in a plastic cup with a lid. Beer and soft drinks are allowed into the Delta Performance Hall and throughout public areas of the theater. Beverages purchased in Encore Bistro or the lounges cannot leave those spaces.