The Taste of Love

With Valentine's Day coming up this weekend, you might find yourself trying to find something special for your loved one. Well, we believe there is no better way to someone's heart than through food.

You've undoubtedly heard of aphrodisiacs, foods that stimulate attraction and desire. You've probably also heard a long list of foods that are considered aphrodisiacs. We've put together a list of our top five that will be sure to please your significant other this Valentine's Day, or perhaps help you woo a special someone if you're single!


1. Berries

Loaded with vitamin C, berries help keep blood flowing to all regions of the body. This increases energy to keep an active libido. Additionally, the seeds in berries are often associated with fertility, which tends to be a universal source of attraction. Their size also make makes berries easy to share with your partner!


2. Honey

Often a symbol of procreation, honey contains a high level of boron. This helps to regulate estrogen and testosterone levels, providing a natural energy boost. Honey is a prevalent aphrodisiac in our culture as evidence by the term "honeymoon," which originated from an ancient tradition of couples going into seclusion and drinking a honey concoction until the first new moon of their marriage.


3. Bananas

Aside from the obvious characteristic of their shape, bananas contain bromelain, an enzyme that triggers the production of testosterone. They also have a large amount of potassium, known to elevate energy levels.


4. Arugula

Long thought of as a superfood, arugula has been used since ancient Greek and Roman times as an arousal aid. The trace minerals and antioxidants found in arugula and other dark leafy greens inhibit the introduction of environmental contaminants that could harm libido and the health of reproductive organs.


5. Chocolate

Possibly the most obvious aphrodisiac on the list, chocolate is thought to be the most popular taste in the world. Chocolate is known to increase levels of serotonin and Phenylethyalanine, which can have a direct impact on a person's attitude, energy, and libido. Its many forms and uses have also allowed chocolate to carry a sensual connotation.

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Is there another food you find to be a strong aphrodisiac? Let us know in the comments below!

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