Citrus with a Zest

The zest of citrus fruits adds a vibrant flavor to everything from cocktails to pastries. Here are some easy tips to follow:

First, wash your lemons, limes and oranges with a scrub brush and cool water. Dry well. 

For long thin curls used in beverages and entrees, use a citrus zester. Drag the zester gently over the peel, being sure not to penetrate the white pith that can be bitter to the taste. 

A vegetable peeler or knife can be used to create large peels used in infusing oils and simple syrups. Again only penetrate the yellow skin.

For citrus flavor in pastries and icings, we use a microplane or a grater to create very fine bits of the citrus skin. 

Don’t through away the rest of the fruit. This can be cut and used in beverages, grilled foods and garnishes. To release more of the juice within the fruit, gently roll on the counter before slicing.